Here are some links to a couple HTML5 games I have made. My plans for this section is to feature completed games of mine as well as games that are of interest to me in general. Who knows, it may end up being a review section ;)

Craps! A Game of Dice!

This is a simple game of craps I made a while back when experimenting with HTML5. The game is built with a very simple Javascript engine of my own. Nothing special. There is an accompanying tutorial for it that can be found on my blog. If your interested give it a peek ;)

Simple Pong

Just a simple plain jane single player version of PONG written in HTML5 and Javascript. Nothing fancy. This game is incomplete at the time but it is playable.

Miah's Virtual Artillery Range

HTML5 game where you line up some military artillary and try to take out some zombies.

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